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Beach Safety

Going to the beach is always connected with a funny, adventurous, sunny time, but this does not have to be like this every day of the year. A beach can also be hazardous at times so that knowledge of how to stay safe next time you visit a beach is essential. Here are a few […] Read More

The World’s Longest Beaches

Sure, you can go swimming or jet skiing at a beach. You may read a god book while sunbathing. You may go surfing, but what if you want to go for a really, really long walk? Maybe the jogger among you will be happy to read this list of the world’s longest beaches!   Praia […] Read More

Beach Bag Essentials

When going to the beach, you will need a lot of things! You want something to lay or sit on, you want to have fun and you want to relax. For all those activities you will need some items! Many people always forget to bring important stuff, so we will offer you a great list […] Read More

World’s Best Beach Hotels

Now that it the temperatures are getting hotter many people are booking their holidays. Mostly people are more interested in the destination and choose their hotel only because of where it is. What about choosing first of all your hotel? Here is a short list of the world’s best beach hotels!   Ocean House, Watch […] Read More

Sea Glass Beaches

Sea glass is a product of two factors: Nature and man. Once bottles, jars and glass, which was carelessly discarded, they were worn by the waves and recycled by the sea. As a result we got lovely collectible beach gems. Those smooth frosty beach gems are harder to find as time goes by, because of […] Read More

Tips for a Beautiful Beach Wedding

Many couples, especially the female part, dream of a beautiful beach wedding. As they come with their own special set of considerations, we would like to maintain some tips for a beautiful beach wedding. Your wedding day has to be extraordinary and therefore, no stress is allowed. Here is our set of tips for your […] Read More

Best Beach Sunsets

Every successful beach day should end with an amazing sunset; therefore, you need a destination that offers you a great view! Every sunset might be wonderful, but at the right place it might be more than impressing – even awesome. No two sunsets are ever the same, so each one has something unique about it. […] Read More

The Greatest Beach Animals

There are many animals living in the sea such as jellyfish, sharks, whales and all kinds of fish, but what are you able to see for animals that are also lying or sitting at the beach? Here is a list of the greatest beach animals.   African Penguins Well known for masses of penguins at […] Read More

World’s Best Beach Restaurants

Everybody gets hungry after a long day at an amazing beach. After the sunset you may go to find a lovely restaurant with a great atmosphere to eat at. This sounds better than French fries, doesn’t it? So here are the world’s best beach restaurants!   Hive Beach Café, UK The Hive Beach Café is […] Read More

Europe’s Best Beach Clubs

  Europe is a great place to be when it is summer. It has all one could long for. Mediterranean atmosphere in Italy and Greece with hot days, nonstop daylight in Scandinavian with lovely islands and lakes and glamour and festivals in Cannes, St. Tropez or Monaco. As there are so many destinations to visit […] Read More